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Our Tree Division is the best you’ve ever seen, with over thirty years of experience, second to none. Join the movement and get a free tree analysis scheduled today. Call the office to schedule a free estimate. We love the satisfaction we get from giving our clients long term solutions for their tree issues.

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Mother nature can be diverse, as we all know. Trees are no different. Some trees are dead and may cause a danger to the general area. Some trees are sick or damaged. Whatever the cause of service, we are eager to lend a hand.

When we go to remove a tree, we start at the bottom. By removing limbs one at a time and using guidelines to lower each cut safely to the ground. The ground is also protected from severe impact of the heavy limbs as they are gently lowered into position. Usually we will “chip up” the limbs because they make great mulch for recycling. We proudly recycle every load of wood chips we generate. After all the limbs are removed from the “stem” we “top” the tree. This is my favorite part because it looks really cool. The climber hinges the very top area of the tree to allow for safe removal. First: The Climber gets into a safe comfortable position. Then The Climber ties off the upper tip-top section/Crown. Next: The Climber alerts the ground crew, then makes the cut. After the cut, the tip top of the tree will swing down and be lowered safely to the ground by the ground crew. As the climber comes down, they continue to remove sections of the stem until the ground is reached. Finally: the stump is ready for grinding. We also use other standard methods for tree care that incorporate the use of heavy equipment, such as bucket lifts, dump trucks, skid steers, stump grinders, woodchippers, etc.

We are a professional tree cutting service. We enjoy climbing trees! We love the satisfaction we get from giving our clients long-term solutions for their tree issues. We take extreme measures to protect your yard and home. Being a woman owned business, we strive daily to be better than the rest. Our diverse team brings the job together for a photo worthy finish every time.

We came to the table with years of experience from the single-family home world. The opportunity to start something new and fresh was needed. We found a need to offer our tree services to multi-property owners as well as homeowners. The idea that we can provide real time tree care seemed to be a good thing. The best part about our tree service business model is that you can call our office and get an instant update on any job we are involved with. We know that an accurate appointment time is very helpful in the tree service business, so our clients can make use of their day accordingly. We value your time! Real people in real time, with real integrity.


Reviews from real customers

Great company. Brittany came out and gave me a good estimate on taking down several trees. The guys showed up on time and got the trees down quickly and safely. No damage or Issues like that, I highly recommend One, Two, Tree.
Steve Clark
Professional, very quick response, every job I've ever needed done immediately and correctly the first time. Great rates and friendly service.
Jennifer Perren
The crew trimmed several trees on my property. They performed the work in a timely and professional manner, did a thorough clean-up too!
Earl Little
They came out to cut down some trees that were too close to the roof of our house. The entire crew was extremely professional.
Nicki George
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